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Milady's Standard Nail Technology, 6th Edition

Milady's Standard Nail Technology, 6th Edition
650 pp., 8 ½" x 11", Softcover, ©2011

ISBN-13: 9781435497689
List/Net Price: $117.95/$94.25

eBook Printed Access Card ISBN-13: 9781285437880
List/Net Price: $117.95/$117.95

Spanish Edition ISBN-13: 9781435497559
List/Net Price: $143.95/$115.25

Previous Editions: 2007, 2004, 1997

Review Copy

This latest edition of Milady's Standard Nail Technology contains new and updated information on many subjects including infection control, product chemistry, manicuring, pedicuring, electric filing, monomer liquid and polymer powder nail enhancements and UV gels. Also included is a completely new chapter, The Creative Touch, loaded with the latest nail art mediums and techniques to enhance the learner's experience.

In order to make for easier implementation, select editorial content from Milady's Standard Nail Technology and Milady Standard Cosmetology have been aligned. This new format makes this the most complete resource for students to kick off their nail technology careers.

Also included are brand new photographs and illustrations that depict nail technicians performing their work and serving their clients.

New to this Edition

  • Full-color artwork to enhance step-by-step procedures including a new section on basic nail art.
  • Over 350 beautiful new photographs (procedural photos, photos depicting nail technicians in appropriate settings).
  • Additional learning elements such as Application Tips, Web Resources, and revised Caution sidebars.
  • Expanded information in technical and procedural chapters such as Electric Filing, UV Gel nails, and Nail Art.
  • Thorough safety and disinfection procedures for daily use in a nail salon, following OSHA and FDA guidelines.

Key Features

  • Learning objectives provide goals for the student.
  • Easy-to-read section on State Licensing requirements.
  • Highlighted safety cautions alert students to services that include potentially dangerous procedures.
  • Regulatory agency alerts remind students to check with their instructors for specific regulations in their state.
  • Business tips help nail technicians improve their business relations to achieve complete customer satisfaction.
  • Application tips give additional insight to nail technicians as they perform the service procedures.
  • 46 step-by-step procedures with brand new photos offer clear, easy-to-understand directions for performing techniques and preparing students for their practical exams.
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For the Student

Student Workbook

  • Full-color
  • Detailed, interactive exercises and activities
  • Reinforce learning
  • Increase student comprehension
ISBN-13: 9781435497641 | List/Net Price: $61.95/$49.75

Exam Review

  • Chapter-by-chapter multiple – choice questions
  • Includes answer key
ISBN-13: 9781435497634 | List/Net Price: $42.95/$34.50

Spanish Study Resource

  • Workbook and Exam Review
ISBN-13: 9781435497580 | List/Net Price: $72.95/$58.75

Study Summary for Vietnamese

  • Summarized content from Textbook, Workbook and Exam Review
ISBN-13: 9781435497610 | List/Net Price: $67.95/$54.50

Student CD

  • Video clips demonstrate procedures
  • Computerized test bank
  • Games
  • Audio glossary
ISBN-13: 9781435497603 | List/Net Price: $80.95/$64.95

Milady U Online Licensing Preparation

  • Review and chapter tests for each chapter in the textbook
  • Comprehensive tests created from a pool of hundreds of questions
  • Reports determine areas to focus on
  • English and Spanish
  • Length of Access: 1 year
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Printed Access Card ISBN-13: 9781435497535
List/Net Price: $33.95/$33.95
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For the Instructor

Course Management Guide Binder

  • Lesson Plans
  • Transition Guides
  • Answer Key to the Student Workbook
ISBN-13: 9781435497672 | List/Net Price: $219.25/$219.25

Spanish Student Workbook Answer Key

  • Answers to Spanish Study Resource
ISBN-13: 9781435497573 | List/Net Price: $72.00/$72.00

Course Management Guide on CD

  • All content from Course Management Guide Binder
  • Computerized Test Bank with nearly 1,000 questions
  • Image Library with photos and illustrations from the textbook
ISBN-13: 9781435497665 | List/Net Price: $279.95/$279.95

DVD Series

  • 2 hours of content on 2 DVDs
  • Contains many of the practical procedures from the textbook as well as coverage of important theory topics
  • English and Spanish voiceover and subtitles available
ISBN-13: 9781418054601 | List/Net Price: $995.95/$995.95

Instructor Support Slides on CD

  • PowerPoint™ Slides
  • Chapter-by-chapter outline of content
ISBN-13: 9781435497658 | List/Net Price: $174.95/$174.95

Student CD (School Version)

  • Contains all of the content from the Individual Version
  • Can be loaded to multiple computers or school network
ISBN-13: 9781435497597 | List/Net Price: $895.95/$895.95

Interactive Games on CD

  • 4 interactive games based on popular TV shows
  • Entertaining and creative
ISBN-13: 9781111317119 | List/Net Price: $94.95/$94.95
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Bundle Packages

Additional Packages Available!

Student Option

  • Standard Text, Exam Review, & Workbook
ISBN-13: 9780538457613 | List/Net Price: $214.95/$172.00

Instructor Technology Package

  • Course Management Guide CD & Instructor Support Slides CD
ISBN-13: 9780538457590 | List/Net Price: $337.50/$337.50
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  1. History and Opportunities
  2. Life Skills
  3. Your Professional Image
  4. Communicating for Success
  5. Infection Control: Principles and Practices
  6. General Anatomy and Physiology
  7. Skin Structure and Growth
  8. Nail Structure and Growth
  9. Nail Diseases and Disorders
  10. Basics of Chemistry
  11. Nail Product Chemistry Simplified
  12. Basics of Electricity
  13. Manicuring
  14. Pedicuring
  15. Electric Filing
  16. Nail Tips and Wraps
  17. Monomer Liquid and Polymer Powder Nail Enhancements
  18. UV Gels
  19. The Creative Touch
  20. Seeking Employment
  21. On the Job
  22. The Salon Business