Online Haircutting Simulation

Milady's Online Haircutting Simulation is a cost-effective way for students to safely practice haircutting skills in a fun, game-like atmosphere. It creates an additional opportunity for students to develop and apply their skills in conjunction with using mannequins and working on real-life clients. They have the option to practice nine different haircuts that will allow them to strengthen basic and advanced skills while immersed in a realistic, 3D salon. With this brand new learning tool, instructors can rest assured that students are mastering real-life skills, while confidently learning and practicing in a comfortable and exciting learning environment.

The perfect learning tool to enhance both Milady or non-Milady curriculum.

Milady's Online Haircutting Simulation


Haircuts Demonstrated

Students will be able to create the following haircuts with an unlimited amount of practice so they can become comfortable and confident in their skills.

Blunt Haircut
Graduated Haircut
Uniform-Layered Haircut
Long-Layered Haircut
A-Line Haircut
Graduated Undercut
Layered Bob Haircut
Long-Layered Overcut
Perimeter Graduation Haircut

3D Salon Environment

This resource was designed to mimic a realistic salon environment. Therefore, the simulation allows students to have a 365-degree view of the client, with controls that allow them to zoom in and rotate the screen to view the hair at whichever angle they need to.


Students can personalize their virtual client by choosing from various eye colors and hair colors. This feature allows the student to be creative and adds an element of fun to the learning experience.

Detailed Instruction

The simulation can be effectively utilized by students either in the classroom or on their own outside of school. Detailed instructions are integrated into the program allowing for students to be guided along the way. This allows for instructors to provide as little or as much explanation as they choose. Students can register their access and jump right into the program in less than 5 minutes.

Milady's Online Haircutting Simulation


The simulation is broken into two different modes: Training Mode and Challenge Mode, allowing students to first learn each cut in depth and then test their knowledge by recreating the haircut on their own.

Training Mode

Training Mode allows for students to first learn how to complete each haircut step by step. In this mode, the simulation provides detailed, written instructions for each step in the procedure. Students will first go through the written instructions and are then prompted by the simulation to take the appropriate action whether that be parting, cutting, or cross-checking the hair. The simulation will then walk them through how to perform the correct head tilt, cut length, elevation angle, and cut angle to achieve the desired result. Guides are provided along each step of the procedure so that students are mirroring the correct action exactly.

Challenge Mode

In Challenge Mode, students are able to reinforce what they learned in Training Mode by completing the cuts on their own, without the assistance of the written instructions. The simulation prompts the students to select the correct action among various choices and then to follow the instructions to complete each step on their own. In Challenge Mode, students are able to view how successful they are throughout the cut via a progress bar at the top of the page as well as real-time feedback broken down by step.



Real-Time Feedback Reporting

As students progress through each of the different steps within a specific haircut, feedback will appear next to each of the completed steps. This allows students to monitor each step to see whether they completed something correctly or where they have room for improvement.

Milady's Online Haircutting Simulation

Finished Cut Performance Reports

Upon completion of each haircut, students are provided with several performance reports, ranging from an Overall Performance Report, that provides a snapshot of their overall score, to more detailed, Head Region Reports, that provide feedback on specific skills within each of the different regions of the head, allowing students to dig down and see where they are either successful or need more practice.

Overall Performance Report: This report provides students with their overall score and the time it took to complete the haircut. Feedback is also given in the form of an Overall Customer Satisfaction Rating and Experience Rating to relate the success of the cut to a real-world scenario.

Milady's Online Haircutting Simulation

Head Region Reports: Skill-specific reports are provided for each region of the head. These reports allow students to see how they did with their hand positioning, cutting angle, length, head tilt, overdirection, parting, cross-check, and elevation. A Side View Report is also provided that consists of a visual head line chart to show cutting accuracy in terms of length.

Milady's Online Haircutting Simulation


The Haircutting Simulation can be used on all desktop and laptop computers. In addition, once purchased, students can access the simulation on most tablet devices by adding the iOS or Android app.

Milady's Online Haircutting Simulation



• Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 and newer or Mac OS X 10.8 and newer
• Ram: 2 GB minimum or higher
• Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.3 GHz and above or comparable.
• Video Card: NVIDIA 8000 series or AMD/ATI 2000 series (and above or comparable)
• Graphics Card RAM: 512 MB or higher
• Additional: Mouse, Keyboard and Speakers
• Web Browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari
• Unity Web Player Installed –
• 1GB free hard drive disk space for cache files of Unity Web Player


• iPad: iPad3 or newer with iOS 8.0 or higher (7-inch screen or larger)
• Android: OS 4.4 or higher (7-inch screen or larger)


Haircutting Simulation Walkthrough


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